Man's Best Friendship just got Better

The undisputed cutest puppy Meme Token to hit the cryptoverse. 100% community-owned with absolutely no developer tokens, which suck worse than fleas. Join the presale now and get 30% off from the listing price on Uniswap.


Get familiar fast because this foxy Jack Russell-themed crypto community has the superior characteristics of this well-bred K9.

  • Tenacious - No dirty developer wallets.
  • Energetic - The community fuels the entire project.
  • High IQ - No wasted Tokens on B.S.

JAKKU will outfox the market like these little fox-hunting maniacs were bred to do!

This Meme Coin is going global - following the lead of our loyal mascot, JAKKU is the only breed to travel to both the North and South Poles. Teamwork, people!

Amazing Journey

No inferior INU or DOGE could make that journey. Those mangy creatures would tote fleas to Antarctica and F up the remaining ice caps with their toxic urine!

Watch JAKKU become a household name in the coming few months.

Built with purpose

With a series of Casual Mobile Games on roadmap with collecteble and tradable NFTs the value of JAKKU will undisputedly increase over time.

This is the first puppy coin with Merchandising such as Toys, Children Stories. Youtube series and much more planned!

Look for the value to shoot right through the roof and rake some of the loot your way. This community wins together.


JAKKU Coin will be supporting dog causes near and far. Yep, even for breeds not graced with the big brains, willpower, or gigantic balls of Jack Russells.

Charity donations planned

  • Adoption promotion
  • Medical assistance
  • Plastic surgery for homely dogs like the Chinese Crested wishing to look more Jack Russell-like.

Now’s the time to get in on the ground floor with a fired-up Meme Coin that’s ready to catch fire!

Find wealth with JAKKU so you can buy a boat, trade in your girlfriend on a newer model, and get a proper pet - a Jack Russell of course. No dev wallets and low marketing tax ensures value has staying power within the community.

Ask Elon Musk on Twitter!

*Remember to ask Elon, known genius and avid fox hunter, if he’d rather save mankind or adopt a Jack Russell Terrier #JAKKU. The answer is obvious!

Road Map

Phase I

  • JAKKU Coin launched
  • 2500 telegram members - most with carpet vs. dog hair experience
  • JAKKU Coin token on UniSwap
  • Submitting Coingecko & CMC
  • 5000 telegram members - goal is over 23% Terrier owners, they’re smarter
  • JAKKU Coin NFT Collections - think virtual fox hunting paintings

Phase II

  • Influencer marketing push
  • Third-party audit - we are for real, guys
  • Charity donations to organizations that help the Dogtrodden
  • BIG MEME JAKKU Coin ready for shilling
  • Official JAKKU Coin Merch Store - maybe let our tribe vote on merch
  • Website Redesign

Phase III

  • Listings on major cex
  • Large influencer marketing push - Eddie from Frazier?


Our community grows stronger every day. Please follow our Twitter and Telegram to get the most up-to-date, accurate JAKKU information.

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